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GET MAD: Make A Difference!

Please use these FREE eCards and make generous donations so that these shelter animals continue having a roof over their heads and love in their lives. 13 of the cats at my friends’ shelter are dying because of bad IAMS Original dry cat food and they were told there’s no sense in filing a lawsuit […]

The eCard for America Now

Here’s a great ecard that I think about every time I get a robocall which is every five minutes now. I am paraphrasing the old joke about lawyers when I ask — what would you call the death of every politician and banker? A good start! But like Naomi Judd says, can’t live with ‘em, […]

Belgian Chocolate Calling Cards & Gifts

I ordered custom-made Belgian chocolate gifts to give to clients, received them yesterday, and could not be happier. We had them made with our logo and they look even better than we had hoped.

Personal ID for Cars

These pid plates are fantastic. They really do a great job. I got one for my VR6 that says PEACE and one for my Mercedes that says SERENITY. Great way to advertise a business or website. I bought mine as a joke and wasn’t sure I’d use them but the quality was so good I […]