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My New Favorite Thing

Best. Chair. Ever.

Balance Ball! Best. Chair. Ever.

This is the most exciting purchase I’ve made since my first and second and third and fourth trikkes.

A friend’s mom has one (with a pink ball) and I wound up using it the other day when I was helping her with some computer problems. WOW!

It’s a balance ball chair. I have and use a balance ball for working out and it’s great to sit on, so I knew I wanted one the minute I saw it (though I also knew I didn’t want pink the minute I saw it. They have nice blue and green versions too but I went for black).

The first one got here a few days ago which was perfect because I had a lot of work to do and regular chairs make it hard to sit at my desk for sixteen hour crunches.

This chair made the whole project a breeze and I ordered another one for my home office and one for my assistant. I can’t say enough good things about this chair and highly recommend them.

A Pink Trikke for My Best Girl

Newest Member of Our Trikke Family

Newest Member of Our Trikke Family

My best friends and I have known each other since we were in the first grade. Two of them married after we graduated from college and they had a little girl almost five years ago. She was a “surprise” because they hadn’t planned to have children but we’re all very glad she’s here, and she tells everyone I’m her “Uncle Daddy.”

She still hadn’t seen my trikke but I trikked over to their place tonight and she acted like I pulled up in Santa’s sleigh. Now I know what it means when someone says “her eyes were wide as saucers.”

It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen and her parents and I couldn’t stop laughing as she jumped all over it (I was holding the handlebars) and begged me for a ride. She didn’t have a helmet and a trikke isn’t really safe for giving little kids a ride but finally I climbed aboard and let her stand in front of me and hold onto the middle of the handlebars.

I held onto her and her mom and dad each grabbed a grip and we did a slow carve up and down the street in front of their house. Several times. She cried when they told her it was time to get off the trikke and start getting ready for bed and she never does that (she could very easily be a spoiled brat but she’s a sweetheart and very mature for her age).

She doesn’t know it but Uncle Daddy talked to her parents then came home and bought her this pink T5WS and a pink helmet to go with it. Her birthday is July 1st and that’s my gift to her this year. Mom and Dad are going to buy their own trikkes and they’ll also arrive on July 1st so it can be a family affair. Dad’s going for the T12 Roadster and Mom’s getting a T8 Air. My work here is done.

Drink Me

Another Fantastic St. Emilion Bordeaux

Another Fantastic St. Emilion Bordeaux

Summers are usually dead on Palm Beach. I’m one of the few natives who doesn’t run when the heat hits, but this year a few of my best friends are keeping me company.

I actually enjoy the summers here because it’s so quiet. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we had the island practically to ourselves for months. It gets crazy here when the season hits.

We had a dinner party last night (and I trikked to the event). Lots of great company, food and wines. I have never liked white wine but I love Bordeaux. This Chateau Beau-Sejour Becot St. Emilion was a new one for me, and I liked it so much I ordered a couple of cases today.

Everyone laughs at my wine cellar because it’s almost all Bordeaux all the time. If I’m having a guest who likes white wine, I’ll buy a nice white Bordeaux or a Puligny-Montrachet, but I don’t drink it. The red St. Emilions can’t be beat!

Belgian Chocolate Calling Cards & Gifts

Say It with Belgian Chocolates!

Say It with Belgian Chocolates!

I ordered custom-made Belgian chocolate gifts to give to clients, received them yesterday, and could not be happier.

We had them made with our logo and they look even better than we had hoped.

They were also surprisingly inexpensive. We paid about fifty-five cents per, which is a bargain for both Belgian chocolates and promotional tools.

The biggest problem will be getting them to clients before we eat them all. I’ve already eaten four of them and I rarely eat chocolate. My assistants call themselves chocoholics so they will probably hate me for bringing almost two thousand pieces into the office. Our clients will think I’m Santa Claus.

My First Electric Vehicle

Four months ago I’d never heard of trikkes, three months ago I got my first trikke. On Friday the 13th. I thought I was in great shape then but I’ve lost ten pounds, gained new muscles, my clothes have never fit better, and I have more energy than I did when I was sixteen. Now that summer’s hit I still trikke every day, early in the morning when the sun is coming up and late at night when I get home from work.

WOOT! I'm Gettin' Me a Pon-e

WOOT! I'm Gettin' Me a Pon-e

I can’t believe how much this trikke has changed my life. My friends weren’t exaggerating. It is an addiction.

Now that I know it won’t be sitting in my garage gathering dust — I bought a pon-e. I’m sorry I waited so long because they’re on back order, but I should have it in just a few weeks.

I need to find the perfect lock because I plan to use it more than my car whenever I’m in town.

I can use it when I go to the Breakers to meet clients or when I hit Clematis by Night. It’ll be great for going to the library and my office. It won’t work for trips to Costco but it’ll do for almost anything else. I’m getting a backpack for my laptop.

The pon-e is supposed to be even better exercise than the T12 even though it’s electric so I should be like Iron Man in a few more months. I want my dad to start trikking. My pon-e should be here by the time he gets back so I’ll let him use that while I ride the T12. His birthday is in July so a pon-e of his own will be my gift to him if he likes it.

Bike Safety Lights That Will Blow Your Mind!

Most Amazing Bike Safety Lights Ever!

Most Amazing Bike Safety Lights Ever!

A friend came over the other night to bike while I trikke, and he had the most awesome safety lights I’ve ever seen. He had them on both wheels and set them so they made completely different designs whenever the bike was moving. Only a blind man could miss seeing these things (and blind men shouldn’t be driving anyway). I wish more people had trikkes because I’d ask the company to make a version that will fit my T12. If I wasn’t so addicted to trikking now I’d go back to my bike just so I could use these lights. Seriously. They’re dazzling and beautiful and like nothing I ever saw before.

Personal ID for Cars

These pid plates are fantastic. They really do a great job. I got one for my VR6 that says PEACE and one for my Mercedes that says SERENITY. Great way to advertise a business or website. I bought mine as a joke and wasn’t sure I’d use them but the quality was so good I put them on both cars right away. Thought I’d pass it on — on the blog I rarely blog because I discovered trikkes. Wonder if I should put one of these things on my T12…

Addicted and Never Felt Better

This trikke thing is crazy, man. By the third day I’d put the seats permanently down in the back of my car because I take it with me everywhere. If I have to schedule a meeting off the island, the first thing I do is hit google to find a perfect place to meet near the best paved trails. Every third day I do at least 20 miles at sunrise, and I trikke every day for at least an hour in the afternoon. I’ll probably join my friends the night trikkers when the heat really hits.

I haven’t felt this good since I was a high school athlete on the swim team, track and field, and basketball, and think I might actually have more energy now than I did then. I thought my friends were really laying it on thick when they started preaching about trikkes, but I get it now. I want a pon-e (the new tribred electric T12 Roadster) for long distances. My first T12 will always be my every day choice. I want to grow up to be like these guys:

When Is a Cigar Not a Cigar?

Hand-Crafted Cuban Cigars

Hand-Crafted Cuban Cigars

I have to admit that, since I started trikking, I haven’t been smoking as many cigars as I usually do. The weather kept me indoors, this weekend, and I realized I missed my Cubans.

It’s impossible to live in southeast Florida and not know anyone from Cuba. I have several Cuban friends who go back to see their families, regularly, and they’re allowed to bring a limited number of Cuban cigars back with them when they return to the States. They’ve been more than generous to me, but made it impossible to enjoy any other cigar.

When my stash wasn’t keeping up with my appetite, they introduced me to some Cubans who make cigars in Miami! Their tobacco is grown from Cuban seeds, and their cigar-makers are Cubans who roll the old-fashioned way, and have been doing it since they were kids in Havana.

If you’re ever in Miami, it’s an education — and a fine cigar! Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between “real Cuban cigars” and the Cubans I buy there. It’s where Cubans shop for cigars when they run out. Not exactly a well-kept secret, but I’m surprised more Americanos haven’t discovered them.

It’s sunny, today, so I’ll be trikking rather than smoking after I’m done for the day, but I really enjoyed my Cuban and cognac, last night!

Trikke Update

I’ve had my Trikke for a little over a week and it’s been quite an experience. I won’t lie. It’s not as easy as it looks, in the beginning. I’m fairly athletic but had problems getting the hang of it until my second day. I still can’t get going on the roads, but I’m flying around the condo parking lot next door and I’m addicted. It’s raining here today so I can’t trikke and am going through withdrawal. I had been thinking about paving a section behind my house for a half court, but now I’m making plans for a gazebo the size of a four or six car garage so I can trikke when it’s raining and trikke when there’s a hot sun overhead. A contractor buddy is coming over on Tuesday to give me some advice and an estimate.

All in all, these trikkes are amazing and I can’t believe I’d never seen them until a couple of weeks ago. If it wasn’t raining, I’d be trikking instead of blogging. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a fun way to exercise and get out in the fresh air. Don’t forget that if you buy from my friends they’ll get a few bucks for their rescue shelter! My bumper sticker still hasn’t arrived but it will definitely be going on my car.

I’ve been very lucky with finances and have bought a lot of toys for myself, but buying this trikke was without a doubt the best money I ever spent.