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There are lots of reasons to leave the island, and I do, often. West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Lake Worth, and other villes have charms of their own. Nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, historic architecture, museums, natural beauty — I enjoy the best of both worlds!

Florida “winters” (and I use that word loosely) are spectacular, and I never take them for granted. Spring and Fall are no slouches, themselves, and Summers…well, this is the Tropics. One acclimates to the rhythm, eventually. Myself? During the Summers, I live at night. Few things soothe the soul like a moonlit run on the beach followed by a long dip in the ocean. The breezes rarely stop, and are a sensual experience. I’m here, year-’round…


  1. zebraspots says:

    You are lucky to live in Florida when it’s winter but I would be afraid of hurricanes.

  2. Fidelius says:

    lmao palm beach to west palm beach is like going to another country!

  3. BOYCOTT BP says:

    The new waterfront in West Palm Beach is fantastic! I didn’t think I would like the new library but its very nice too. Flagler Drive is one of the most beautiful streets in the whole US.

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