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SIMS For Adults

MultiPlayer Interactive 3D Game

MultiPlayer Interactive 3D Game

I cracked a few ribs last month and haven’t been able to trikke in a while so I’ve been passing the time playing this multiuser MMR reality SIMS game made for adults.

A friend turned me on to it and I really wasn’t interested at first but I have to admit it’s become something of an obsession.

That’s probably because I haven’t been able to move around much so having a way to go out and do things while laying on the couch has made my real life less boring. Now that I’m getting around better though I’m still playing. It’s addictive. I usually don’t like this kind of game because most of them are all about violence and greed. This one is all about socializing and having fun.

It’s totally free to download and play and there’s no spyware or adware, they don’t require a credit card, they don’t spam you or bombard you with pop-ups and advertising. After I played for a while I trusted them enough to become a VIP member and am really enjoying that. It’s definitely for adults only but there’s something for every adult in there so I thought I would pass it on. I’ve never seen another online game with this level of sophistication and no killing.

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