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Palm Beach Winters

My ex got this dress for last Saturday’s Evening on Antique Row, and she looked so good I forgot why we broke up! We’re still great friends, but I told her she probably shouldn’t wear this around me, again.

This Phillip Lim dress is hot, hot, hot!

This Phillip Lim dress is hot, hot, hot!

The event was a blast, as usual. And (as usual) James & Jeffrey had the best party — and the tastiest mojitos to ever pass these lips! There were also carriage rides and lots of live music. Great food. The street was filled with people, and my date and I couldn’t stop laughing about “winter wear” in this area. We didn’t see a single jacket that wasn’t being carried rather than worn, and the women were all wearing sleeveless dresses and sandals. Ahhhhh, this is the life…

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