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My New Old T12

My New Old T12

I had every intention of blogging regularly about all kinds of things. Life, world affairs, business, love, and even the weather. Then I got my first trikke.

I made the purchase primarily to get my friends to stop with the constant OMG OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

All it took was one ride and I was hooked. Now whenever I look at my mountain bike I think — I could have had a baker’s dozen T12s for what I paid for that.

Almost all of my friends and family now have trikkes. From little kids to seniors. I got my pon-e and use it to run errands in the early morning and late afternoon. It’s going to be a blast in the fall. When it’s cooler, I can use it to commute when I meet clients. I’ve gone out to meet friends at restaurants a couple of times, but I don’t like how much the valets seem to enjoy it so probably won’t do that again. There were a couple of scratches I know I didn’t put there.

My very first trikke was the T12 with gull-wing handlebars. It’s still my vehicle of choice and I use it more than the others (I got a T8 after the pon-e). My friends at the rescue shelter had an older T12 with the BMX style handlebars and the woman who rides it says she prefers the older handlebars. I stopped at an estate sale yesterday afternoon and couldn’t believe it when I saw they had an older T12 in perfect condition. Looks like it was used for all of ten minutes, if that. They gave me a sweet deal, so I figured I should get it for the season. I have lots of friends in the northeast who love to come to Palm Beach in the winter. I’ll have this trikke for guests.

I’ll keep checking in here every once in a while but honestly whenever I have a free minute I’m trikking. Once you start you can’t stop. I’m SO grateful to my friends for getting on my last nerve about these things. The thrill might wear off in a while, but I won’t count on it. I’ve never felt better, looked better, had more energy, and my attitude gets an adjustment every time I step onto the foot pads. No matter how bad my day has been I get a goofy grin on my face the minute I know it’s almost trikke-time. My friends were right. Everybody should have a trikke. EVERYbody!


  1. Peter Gilmore says:

    I never even heard of trikkes before finding this blog. Nice. The video makes me want one.

  2. Davey Mack says:

    My cousin in San Diego got a trikke and talks a lot like you. I was thinking he would get tired of it like everything else but now it’s more than one year and he has two trikkes. I don’t know the model of the first one but I remember he bought a T12 next and now the first one is for friends to ride with him. I will see him over Christmas and try the trikke myself. I need a fun way to exercise and not get bored. I hope I like it as much as you and my cousin! I would definitely buy one if it’s that much fun and good exercise. My cousin lost 40 pounds in the last year and says he never felt better in his life.

  3. SaraG says:

    I keep seeing trikkes on tv and wondering if they are really as much fun as they show on the commercial. Whenever I see that commercial I always stop to watch it and it makes me want a trikke but I also heard its really hard to do the trikke if its not flat. We have a lot of hills where I live. Now I have read your blog about trikke addiction I think I want to at least try one. You make me wish I had a trikke right now! Sara