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My First Electric Vehicle

Four months ago I’d never heard of trikkes, three months ago I got my first trikke. On Friday the 13th. I thought I was in great shape then but I’ve lost ten pounds, gained new muscles, my clothes have never fit better, and I have more energy than I did when I was sixteen. Now that summer’s hit I still trikke every day, early in the morning when the sun is coming up and late at night when I get home from work.

WOOT! I'm Gettin' Me a Pon-e

WOOT! I'm Gettin' Me a Pon-e

I can’t believe how much this trikke has changed my life. My friends weren’t exaggerating. It is an addiction.

Now that I know it won’t be sitting in my garage gathering dust — I bought a pon-e. I’m sorry I waited so long because they’re on back order, but I should have it in just a few weeks.

I need to find the perfect lock because I plan to use it more than my car whenever I’m in town.

I can use it when I go to the Breakers to meet clients or when I hit Clematis by Night. It’ll be great for going to the library and my office. It won’t work for trips to Costco but it’ll do for almost anything else. I’m getting a backpack for my laptop.

The pon-e is supposed to be even better exercise than the T12 even though it’s electric so I should be like Iron Man in a few more months. I want my dad to start trikking. My pon-e should be here by the time he gets back so I’ll let him use that while I ride the T12. His birthday is in July so a pon-e of his own will be my gift to him if he likes it.


  1. Arnold says:

    If I had a JOB I would buy an electric trikke to go to work and get rid of my car. It sux to be broke.

  2. Dee says:

    This would be great if the weather was always nice. It looks awesome tho.

  3. XT says:

    I was looking for info about electric cars but this looks fun. It rains and snows a lot where I live so I don’t think it would work for me. You are lucky to live where the weather is good for something like this most of the time.

  4. Van says:

    I looked at the electric trikke models but I heard its hard to do regular trike riding with the battery on it. You are smart to have one electric and one manual. That would be the best way but I can’t afford to buy two trikkes right now.

  5. Robb Roy says:

    My wife and I bought two trikkes this spring and it took us a while to find the sweet spot but now we love it! I am not surprised you are riding your trikke and not writing in your blog very much.

  6. Hermes says:

    wow that look so cool