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Addicted and Never Felt Better

This trikke thing is crazy, man. By the third day I’d put the seats permanently down in the back of my car because I take it with me everywhere. If I have to schedule a meeting off the island, the first thing I do is hit google to find a perfect place to meet near the best paved trails. Every third day I do at least 20 miles at sunrise, and I trikke every day for at least an hour in the afternoon. I’ll probably join my friends the night trikkers when the heat really hits.

I haven’t felt this good since I was a high school athlete on the swim team, track and field, and basketball, and think I might actually have more energy now than I did then. I thought my friends were really laying it on thick when they started preaching about trikkes, but I get it now. I want a pon-e (the new tribred electric T12 Roadster) for long distances. My first T12 will always be my every day choice. I want to grow up to be like these guys:


  1. Josh says:

    At first I was thinking you might just say all of these things because you are trying to sell trikkes but now I see that you give all of the sales to your friends who rescue animals. After I saw your blog the first time I went to youtube and watched more trikke videos. I was planning to buy a good bike but the trikkes are actually cheaper and they look like more fun, plus I have a hard time sitting on a bike for more than 30 minutes. I like the full body exercise of the trikke too. I think maybe I’ll be getting a T12 instead of a bike. Nice blog.

  2. VisionGirl says:

    I have seen the trikke infomercials on tv for a couple of years and keep wondering if they are as much fun as they seem. I would like to try one before I buy but reading your blog makes me really want one.

  3. Legmaster says:

    You’re right about trikke addiction. My trikke helped me quit smoking. Every time I wanted a cigarette I went out on my trikke and I took trikke breaks at work instead of cigarette breaks. I started with the T78 and now I have a T8 but I think I want a T12. Now all the money I used to spend on cigarettes I put in my trikke fund. Trikkes rock!

  4. BeowolfThorne says:

    People who trikke always get to be addicted. I have had my trikke now for one year and I want to move so I can trikke all year even in winter. Before I liked winter but after I started trikking it was very depressing. I wish they made trikkes with snow tires. I have seen the skki too but its not like the trikke where I can leave the house on my trikke for hours. I would have to drive for at least one hour to use the skki. I am trying to get a transfer now just because of my trikke. I understand how you feel!

  5. violettasura says:

    This is the third time in two days I see so much good things about trikke. I live in mountains so I don’t think it will be good for me every day. It is supposed to be hard for going up hills but now I want to try on vacation to Arizona. It look like too much fun!

  6. lukerogers says:

    I agree with you about trikkes. I got mine three weeks ago and I trikke every day. It was hard at first but still fun. Every day I get better and now I am addicted too. I have already lost ten pounds and cut my insulin in half. I wish I found trikkes five years ago! I think in six months I will be completely off insulin. Even my doctor is amazed. I think he will get a trikke soon.

  7. Cyranocchio says:

    Great blog! You made me want to trikke but I still want to try one before I buy one. The nearest dealer is four hours away but I will check them out when I am in the area next month for a meeting. It definitely looks like something I would enjoy doing!

  8. Addison Nichols says:

    You sound like an addict! lol I would like to try one of those trikkes. I wish they had a store in our town.

  9. Daddy-o says:

    You make me really want a trikke but I have seen some people ride trikes before and it looks like a lot of work.