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GET MAD: Make A Difference!

Free eCards: GET MAD! Make A Difference

GET MAD! Make A Difference

Please use these FREE eCards and make generous donations so that these shelter animals continue having a roof over their heads and love in their lives.

13 of the cats at my friends’ shelter are dying because of bad IAMS Original dry cat food and they were told there’s no sense in filing a lawsuit because their cats are considered “worthless” by the courts. How messed up is that? No wonder Proctor & Gamble’s reps were not concerned about what happened.

Everyone who loves animals should know what’s going on with commercial foods, especially since the FDA just gave companies like Proctor & Gamble permission to decide for themselves whether or not their products are harmful. A fox in a henhouse would have more integrity! There are lots of good links about pet food safety at 2muchcat.com

The animals need your help, now. Please visit their website, their eFur Adoptions group on facebook, send eCards, donate today and support small animal rescue shelters!


  1. gil says:

    this is a great idea that works for a lot of things. im glad your helping animals. i will show these ecards for my sister. she does a lot of work about cancer and i think she will like them.

  2. Charles says:

    Thanks. This site has a lot of good ecards. I like the ones best that are not nice tho. hahaha