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Funny eCards & Animal Rescue

eCards Aliens and Unemployment

Aliens Are Taking Our Jobs!

I am too busy working and triking to blog very much but as usual I can rely on my friends to give me something to blog about.

They made some ecards and I think they are hilarious. This card with aliens is my favorite so far but they are making new ones every day.

It’s not just for pussycats any more! A lot of small rescue groups are working together on this project and a couple of them are even doing wolf rescue.

The photographs of the wolves are amazing. Shooting them with cameras is awesome but shooting them with guns is criminal. All of these good people are doing great work so I hope you will send ecards and help keep these sanctuaries in business and the animals alive and well.

They have free ecards and the pay cards only cost $.99. Invitations and announcements are a lot cheaper so you can send lots of them and if you need something special just ask them and they will make it for you. It’s a great way to save paper and trees and you don’t have to worry the cards will get lost in the mail. Sign up for a free account to see the cards without their watermark.

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