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Ms. Gadget Picks Another Winner!

My animal rescue friends always introduce me to the coolest things, and their stuff is almost always something healthy or green. They do everything from making their own solar panels to making their own bread. Anyway, they’re health nuts and they use natural medicine for themselves and the animals, so it’s always been kind of funny that they smoke. They smoked organic tobacco and rolled their own, but still. I was never a real smoker but I do smoke every once in a while, and I enjoyed the occasional smoke with them.

Last night we did a long hard trikke for the first time in about a month. It was the first cool night since summer started and just perfect for trikking. After the ride we were sitting around shooting the breeze and she pulled out a cigarette and offered me one. I took it and noticed right away it wasn’t a real cigarette. She puffed on hers and the tip lit up, and I could see real smoke go into her mouth and then she blew smoke rings and laughed at me. She said, “take a drag!”

These eCigarettes Are Amazing!

These eCigarettes Are Amazing!

I puffed and the tip of mine lit right up and I got smoke but it tasted exactly like vanilla ice cream. I was shocked.

She told me she was looking at ecigarettes for a long time and never liked any of them. Then the company that makes their organic tobacco was bought by RJ Reynolds so she said just could not buy from them any more.

She was worried about being able to quit smoking since she didn’t really want to quit smoking, and then she found these ecigarettes. She’s been “smoking” them for about a month and she loves it. You can smoke them anywhere and there’s no second-hand smoke to bother other people. It’s like fog or vapor instead of smoke, and you don’t smell and taste like smoke when you smoke! If you’re on a budget they’re also much less expensive than cigarettes.

Before she even got to the part about wishing they had these twenty years ago I knew I was going to buy some. She pulled out some tips she called cartridges and there were different flavors. I liked all the flavors she had. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and the one that tastes like a real cigarette. These things are fantastic! She said she basically quit smoking without having to worry about quitting smoking.

I’m adding these links for them, and if you buy, part of the purchase price will go to animal rescue. As soon as I publish this post I’m going to buy mine, and then I’m going to send a link to all of my friends who smoke. It’s really a bad habit – when you don’t smoke ecigarettes – but I know it’s hard to quit smoking. I think electric cigarettes are going to help a lot of people. Quit smoking without quitting smoking!


  1. Marsha Marsha Marsha says:


  2. EX smoker says:


  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks! I will show these to my boyfriend who always smells like an ashtray and it gets harder and harder to want to kiss him. I would like it if he tasted like vanilla!

  4. Thomas says:

    I need to quit smoking. There are so many brands of e-cigarettes I hope you are right about green smoke.

  5. Chuck says:

    I vape greensmokes too their great!

  6. Bledsoe says:

    E-cigarettes are great! I stopped smoking like your friend using green smoke and it was EASY! Now I can’t believe I didn’t stop smoking a long time ago. I never feel bad or out of breath using ecigarettes like I did with regular cigarettes and I smell a lot better too.

  7. Mike says:

    I smoked almost three packs a day for ten years and switch to green smoke ecigarettes. I notice a difference after only one week and now I don’t know how I smoke so many analogs every day. I defanately agree everyone who smokes needs to switch.