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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

My New Favorite Thing

This is the most exciting purchase I’ve made since my first and second and third and fourth trikkes. A friend’s mom has one (with a pink ball) and I wound up using it the other day when I was helping her with some computer problems. WOW! It’s a balance ball chair. I have and use […]

A Pink Trikke for My Best Girl

She doesn’t know it but I talked to her parents then came home and bought her this pink T5WS and a pink helmet to go with it. Her birthday is July 1st and that’s my gift to her this year. Mom and Dad are going to buy their own trikkes and they’ll also arrive on July 1st so it can be a family affair. Dad’s going for the T12 Roadster and Mom’s getting a T8 Air.

Drink Me

I have never liked white wine but I love Bordeaux. This Chateau Beau-Sejour Becot St. Emilion was a new one for me, and I liked it so much I ordered a couple of cases today. Everyone laughs at my wine cellar because it’s almost all Bordeau all the time. If I’m having a guest who likes white wine, I’ll buy a nice white Bordeaux or a Puligny-Montrachet, but I don’t drink it. The St. Emilions can’t be beat!

Belgian Chocolate Calling Cards & Gifts

I ordered custom-made Belgian chocolate gifts to give to clients, received them yesterday, and could not be happier. We had them made with our logo and they look even better than we had hoped.

My First Electric Vehicle

Four months ago I’d never heard of trikkes, three months ago I got my first trikke. On Friday the 13th. I thought I was in great shape then but I’ve lost ten pounds, gained new muscles, my clothes have never fit better, and I have more energy than I did when I was sixteen. Now that summer’s hit I still trikke every day, early in the morning when the sun is coming up and late at night when I get home from work.

Bike Safety Lights That Will Blow Your Mind!

A friend came over the other night to bike while I trikke, and he had the most awesome safety lights I’ve ever seen. He had them on both wheels and set them so they made completely different designs whenever the bike was moving.