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Ms. Gadget Picks Another Winner!

My animal rescue friends always introduce me to the coolest things, and their stuff is almost always something healthy or green. They do everything from making their own solar panels to making their own bread. Anyway, they’re health nuts and they use natural medicine for themselves and the animals, so it’s always been kind of […]

SIMS For Adults

I cracked a few ribs last month and haven’t been able to trikke in a while so I’ve been passing the time playing this multiuser MMR reality SIMS game made for adults. A friend turned me on to it and I really wasn’t interested at first but I have to admit it’s become something of […]

My New Favorite Thing

This is the most exciting purchase I’ve made since my first and second and third and fourth trikkes. A friend’s mom has one (with a pink ball) and I wound up using it the other day when I was helping her with some computer problems. WOW! It’s a balance ball chair. I have and use […]