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Ho! Ho! Ho!

I’m usually pretty good at letting idiocy go in one ear and out the other. Don’t know if I’m losing patience in my old age or if there are simply more idiots than there used to be. I’m hoping it’s the former, and that I’m just not as patient as I was. That thought is […]

Sunday Funny

I was venting about a difficult client and one of my partners sent me a link to this shirt. Made me laugh out loud.

Bike Safety Lights That Will Blow Your Mind!

A friend came over the other night to bike while I trikke, and he had the most awesome safety lights I’ve ever seen. He had them on both wheels and set them so they made completely different designs whenever the bike was moving.

Personal ID for Cars

These pid plates are fantastic. They really do a great job. I got one for my VR6 that says PEACE and one for my Mercedes that says SERENITY. Great way to advertise a business or website. I bought mine as a joke and wasn’t sure I’d use them but the quality was so good I […]

When Is a Cigar Not a Cigar?

I have to admit that, since I started trikking, I haven’t been smoking as many cigars as I usually do. The weather kept me indoors, this weekend, and I realized I missed my Cubans. It’s impossible to live in southeast Florida and not know anyone from Cuba. I have several Cuban friends who go back […]

Palm Beach Winters

My ex got this dress for last Saturday’s Evening on Antique Row, and she looked so good I forgot why we broke up! We’re still great friends, but I told her she probably shouldn’t wear this around me, again. The event was a blast, as usual. And (as usual) James & Jeffrey had the best […]

Hello Technorati!

Wow. My very first post and I’m talking to a bot. And I haven’t been drinking! Technorati Profile