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GET MAD: Make A Difference!

Free eCards: GET MAD! Make A Difference

GET MAD! Make A Difference

Please use these FREE eCards and make generous donations so that these shelter animals continue having a roof over their heads and love in their lives.

13 of the cats at my friends’ shelter are dying because of bad IAMS Original dry cat food and they were told there’s no sense in filing a lawsuit because their cats are considered “worthless” by the courts. How messed up is that? No wonder Proctor & Gamble’s reps were not concerned about what happened.

Everyone who loves animals should know what’s going on with commercial foods, especially since the FDA just gave companies like Proctor & Gamble permission to decide for themselves whether or not their products are harmful. A fox in a henhouse would have more integrity! There are lots of good links about pet food safety at 2muchcat.com

The animals need your help, now. Please visit their website, their eFur Adoptions group on facebook, send eCards, donate today and support small animal rescue shelters!

The eCard for America Now

eCard for American Politics and Economy: Offshore the Politicians & Bankers!

I Hate Politicians & Bankers!

Here’s a great ecard that I think about every time I get a robocall which is every five minutes now.

I am paraphrasing the old joke about lawyers when I ask — what would you call the death of every politician and banker? A good start!

But like Naomi Judd says, can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em! So I figure I might as well laugh while there is smoke coming out of my ears.

Everybody I know is hurting and that goes triple for people who do animal rescue so I hope you will send ecards and help these wonderful people so they can keep helping the animals.

Funny eCards & Animal Rescue

eCards Aliens and Unemployment

Aliens Are Taking Our Jobs!

I am too busy working and triking to blog very much but as usual I can rely on my friends to give me something to blog about.

They made some ecards and I think they are hilarious. This card with aliens is my favorite so far but they are making new ones every day.

It’s not just for pussycats any more! A lot of small rescue groups are working together on this project and a couple of them are even doing wolf rescue.

The photographs of the wolves are amazing. Shooting them with cameras is awesome but shooting them with guns is criminal. All of these good people are doing great work so I hope you will send ecards and help keep these sanctuaries in business and the animals alive and well.

They have free ecards and the pay cards only cost $.99. Invitations and announcements are a lot cheaper so you can send lots of them and if you need something special just ask them and they will make it for you. It’s a great way to save paper and trees and you don’t have to worry the cards will get lost in the mail. Sign up for a free account to see the cards without their watermark.

Smooth Trikke

I’m triking a minimum of twenty miles every day, sometimes breaking it up with ten before work and ten after dinner if it’s too hot to do all at once. A lot of my friends are on trikkes now too. This is my animal rescue friend’s favorite trikke video. She says it’s zen triking. If I could type on my trikke I would blog more often!

D3o Safety Gear: See It to Believe It!

What can I say. I don’t have time to do much more than work and trikke and spend time with friends and family. I’m spending more time than ever with the friends and family who trikke. I’ve been online a lot tonight because I needed to get some more safety gear and discovered — D3o! Check out the video. Talk about revolutionary! This stuff is amazing.

I’ve been trikking all winter and using my trikke more than either of my cars. It can get pretty crazy on the roads, especially during rush hour. I ALWAYS wear my helmet because it’s not cool to make the people you love most identify your body at the morgue or change your diapers for the rest of your vegetative life. But I think I’m going to try one of these D3o and dyneema hats and see if I feel safe.

Dyneema is the strongest fabric in the world and D3o looks like the most incredible protection ever invented. They should make bullet proof vests out of D3o and dyneema. If the dyneema and D3o hats are as light and comfortable and temperature controlled as they say, even in the Florida heat, I’ll be very happy. I’ll have a chin strap added before I use it though because I’ve already read a couple of bad things about the hats flying off in a crash if there’s no tie. I have a friend who plays pro ball. Maybe I’ll get him to smack me with a bat a few times and see how that goes.

I just ordered these D3o knee pads and D3o elbow pads and I know I’ll be using D3o for this kind of safety gear from here on out.

D3o Safety Gear

D3o Safety Gear Knee & Elbow Protection

Technology really is amazing. Wish they had this stuff when I was a kid learning to skateboard. It would have saved me and my parents a few trips to the emergency room.

Everyone who uses HPVs is putting their life in danger almost every time they ride. It’s gotten even worse since people started driving and texting or driving and watching porn. Stay safe!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I See BrainDead People

I See BrainDead People

I’m usually pretty good at letting idiocy go in one ear and out the other. Don’t know if I’m losing patience in my old age or if there are simply more idiots than there used to be. I’m hoping it’s the former, and that I’m just not as patient as I was. That thought is much less stressful than believing people will keep dumbing down. I don’t want to be surrounded by maroons when I’m old and defenseless.

Guess I must be bitching more than usual because my assistants bought me this shirt for Christmas. It’s not the most expensive present I received but it is my favorite. They made me open it when it arrived on the 17th, and I’ve practically been living in it — and they tell me I’ve been easier to live with, ever since.

Ms. Gadget Picks Another Winner!

My animal rescue friends always introduce me to the coolest things, and their stuff is almost always something healthy or green. They do everything from making their own solar panels to making their own bread. Anyway, they’re health nuts and they use natural medicine for themselves and the animals, so it’s always been kind of funny that they smoke. They smoked organic tobacco and rolled their own, but still. I was never a real smoker but I do smoke every once in a while, and I enjoyed the occasional smoke with them.

Last night we did a long hard trikke for the first time in about a month. It was the first cool night since summer started and just perfect for trikking. After the ride we were sitting around shooting the breeze and she pulled out a cigarette and offered me one. I took it and noticed right away it wasn’t a real cigarette. She puffed on hers and the tip lit up, and I could see real smoke go into her mouth and then she blew smoke rings and laughed at me. She said, “take a drag!”

These eCigarettes Are Amazing!

These eCigarettes Are Amazing!

I puffed and the tip of mine lit right up and I got smoke but it tasted exactly like vanilla ice cream. I was shocked.

She told me she was looking at ecigarettes for a long time and never liked any of them. Then the company that makes their organic tobacco was bought by RJ Reynolds so she said just could not buy from them any more.

She was worried about being able to quit smoking since she didn’t really want to quit smoking, and then she found these ecigarettes. She’s been “smoking” them for about a month and she loves it. You can smoke them anywhere and there’s no second-hand smoke to bother other people. It’s like fog or vapor instead of smoke, and you don’t smell and taste like smoke when you smoke! If you’re on a budget they’re also much less expensive than cigarettes.

Before she even got to the part about wishing they had these twenty years ago I knew I was going to buy some. She pulled out some tips she called cartridges and there were different flavors. I liked all the flavors she had. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and the one that tastes like a real cigarette. These things are fantastic! She said she basically quit smoking without having to worry about quitting smoking.

I’m adding these links for them, and if you buy, part of the purchase price will go to animal rescue. As soon as I publish this post I’m going to buy mine, and then I’m going to send a link to all of my friends who smoke. It’s really a bad habit – when you don’t smoke ecigarettes – but I know it’s hard to quit smoking. I think electric cigarettes are going to help a lot of people. Quit smoking without quitting smoking!

SIMS For Adults

MultiPlayer Interactive 3D Game

MultiPlayer Interactive 3D Game

I cracked a few ribs last month and haven’t been able to trikke in a while so I’ve been passing the time playing this multiuser MMR reality SIMS game made for adults.

A friend turned me on to it and I really wasn’t interested at first but I have to admit it’s become something of an obsession.

That’s probably because I haven’t been able to move around much so having a way to go out and do things while laying on the couch has made my real life less boring. Now that I’m getting around better though I’m still playing. It’s addictive. I usually don’t like this kind of game because most of them are all about violence and greed. This one is all about socializing and having fun.

It’s totally free to download and play and there’s no spyware or adware, they don’t require a credit card, they don’t spam you or bombard you with pop-ups and advertising. After I played for a while I trusted them enough to become a VIP member and am really enjoying that. It’s definitely for adults only but there’s something for every adult in there so I thought I would pass it on. I’ve never seen another online game with this level of sophistication and no killing.

Sunday Funny

Ask Me About My Official Shit List

Ask Me About My Official Shit List

I was venting about a difficult client and one of my partners sent me a link to this shirt. Made me laugh out loud.

Who’s Kidding Whom

My New Old T12

My New Old T12

I had every intention of blogging regularly about all kinds of things. Life, world affairs, business, love, and even the weather. Then I got my first trikke.

I made the purchase primarily to get my friends to stop with the constant OMG OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

All it took was one ride and I was hooked. Now whenever I look at my mountain bike I think — I could have had a baker’s dozen T12s for what I paid for that.

Almost all of my friends and family now have trikkes. From little kids to seniors. I got my pon-e and use it to run errands in the early morning and late afternoon. It’s going to be a blast in the fall. When it’s cooler, I can use it to commute when I meet clients. I’ve gone out to meet friends at restaurants a couple of times, but I don’t like how much the valets seem to enjoy it so probably won’t do that again. There were a couple of scratches I know I didn’t put there.

My very first trikke was the T12 with gull-wing handlebars. It’s still my vehicle of choice and I use it more than the others (I got a T8 after the pon-e). My friends at the rescue shelter had an older T12 with the BMX style handlebars and the woman who rides it says she prefers the older handlebars. I stopped at an estate sale yesterday afternoon and couldn’t believe it when I saw they had an older T12 in perfect condition. Looks like it was used for all of ten minutes, if that. They gave me a sweet deal, so I figured I should get it for the season. I have lots of friends in the northeast who love to come to Palm Beach in the winter. I’ll have this trikke for guests.

I’ll keep checking in here every once in a while but honestly whenever I have a free minute I’m trikking. Once you start you can’t stop. I’m SO grateful to my friends for getting on my last nerve about these things. The thrill might wear off in a while, but I won’t count on it. I’ve never felt better, looked better, had more energy, and my attitude gets an adjustment every time I step onto the foot pads. No matter how bad my day has been I get a goofy grin on my face the minute I know it’s almost trikke-time. My friends were right. Everybody should have a trikke. EVERYbody!