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My New Favorite Thing

Best. Chair. Ever.

Balance Ball! Best. Chair. Ever.

This is the most exciting purchase I’ve made since my first and second and third and fourth trikkes.

A friend’s mom has one (with a pink ball) and I wound up using it the other day when I was helping her with some computer problems. WOW!

It’s a balance ball chair. I have and use a balance ball for working out and it’s great to sit on, so I knew I wanted one the minute I saw it (though I also knew I didn’t want pink the minute I saw it. They have nice blue and green versions too but I went for black).

The first one got here a few days ago which was perfect because I had a lot of work to do and regular chairs make it hard to sit at my desk for sixteen hour crunches.

This chair made the whole project a breeze and I ordered another one for my home office and one for my assistant. I can’t say enough good things about this chair and highly recommend them.


  1. derekjavon says:

    Very interesting. Maybe I will try this chair for my back. I think my wife will like it too. We use these medicine balls at the gym and it is so comfortable. Great idea.

  2. ElleMackie says:

    I have one of these chairs and they are perfect. I don’t like to sit in any other chair now when I am working or even watching tv or playing games.

  3. bibafina says:

    Interesting chair and look confortable.

  4. shortsport says:

    I came to your blog to read about trikkes but now I want a trikke AND one of these chairs. They look very comfortable and trikkes look like so much fun!

  5. JohnGilmore says:

    Thank you! You gave me a good idea. Also I liked reading about trikkes on your blog. You have very interesting things I didn’t see before.

  6. HankBanker says:

    I never saw this kind of chair before but now I am having some problems with my lower back and I think I need one. Right now I cant sit for more than fifteen minutes before I have to stand up. Thanks!

  7. poettree says:

    I have this ball chair too and I agree it is the best.

  8. Ventanamo says:

    I really like this chair too. I have one for my back injury and I can sit and work at my computer for hours with no pain. It’s a great chair but you have to be careful if you have cats like me. I already had to replace the rubber ball twice in one year but they are cheap on amazon.