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Belgian Chocolate Calling Cards & Gifts

Say It with Belgian Chocolates!

Say It with Belgian Chocolates!

I ordered custom-made Belgian chocolate gifts to give to clients, received them yesterday, and could not be happier.

We had them made with our logo and they look even better than we had hoped.

They were also surprisingly inexpensive. We paid about fifty-five cents per, which is a bargain for both Belgian chocolates and promotional tools.

The biggest problem will be getting them to clients before we eat them all. I’ve already eaten four of them and I rarely eat chocolate. My assistants call themselves chocoholics so they will probably hate me for bringing almost two thousand pieces into the office. Our clients will think I’m Santa Claus.


  1. ZachKaiser says:

    WOW! This is a great idea. I agree it would be hard not to eat them all but chocolate ‘business cards’ would help people remember me!

  2. Iskander says:

    Oh, I have eaten a lot of Belgian chocolate and I agree this is a fantastic idea. I will remember for the holidays. Belgian chocolates are the best!

  3. VivalaVida says:

    I love chocolate and I wish I worked in your office except I am afraid I would gain 100 pounds. This is a great idea. I will show my boss and I hope he will order some. Chocolate with our logo would be perfect for us we have a tutoring company and I know the parents and the kids would think it’s so cool. It would be hard for me to eat them all myself in this office. lol

  4. DianeTerkle says:

    I was looking for Belgian chocolates for sale in Palm Beach but I need them now for a gift. These would be great for Christmas gifts with our family name instead of a logo!