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Bike Safety Lights That Will Blow Your Mind!

Most Amazing Bike Safety Lights Ever!

Most Amazing Bike Safety Lights Ever!

A friend came over the other night to bike while I trikke, and he had the most awesome safety lights I’ve ever seen. He had them on both wheels and set them so they made completely different designs whenever the bike was moving. Only a blind man could miss seeing these things (and blind men shouldn’t be driving anyway). I wish more people had trikkes because I’d ask the company to make a version that will fit my T12. If I wasn’t so addicted to trikking now I’d go back to my bike just so I could use these lights. Seriously. They’re dazzling and beautiful and like nothing I ever saw before.


  1. Madmwazelle says:

    These light are awesome!! Fantastic!! So beautiful I think I will get. You are not put on your trikke?

  2. candy says:

    i live in seattle and have these lights they are AWESOME! you need something like this when it rains all the time and i feel more safe.