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When Is a Cigar Not a Cigar?

Hand-Crafted Cuban Cigars

Hand-Crafted Cuban Cigars

I have to admit that, since I started trikking, I haven’t been smoking as many cigars as I usually do. The weather kept me indoors, this weekend, and I realized I missed my Cubans.

It’s impossible to live in southeast Florida and not know anyone from Cuba. I have several Cuban friends who go back to see their families, regularly, and they’re allowed to bring a limited number of Cuban cigars back with them when they return to the States. They’ve been more than generous to me, but made it impossible to enjoy any other cigar.

When my stash wasn’t keeping up with my appetite, they introduced me to some Cubans who make cigars in Miami! Their tobacco is grown from Cuban seeds, and their cigar-makers are Cubans who roll the old-fashioned way, and have been doing it since they were kids in Havana.

If you’re ever in Miami, it’s an education — and a fine cigar! Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between “real Cuban cigars” and the Cubans I buy there. It’s where Cubans shop for cigars when they run out. Not exactly a well-kept secret, but I’m surprised more Americanos haven’t discovered them.

It’s sunny, today, so I’ll be trikking rather than smoking after I’m done for the day, but I really enjoyed my Cuban and cognac, last night!


  1. Ron says:

    A cuban cigar and a cognac… it doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. ConstanceMiller says:

    Hello, can you please post where this cigar store is? I would like to surprise my husband with Cuban cigars for our anniversary. Thank you.